The MojPOS application for entrepreneurs by Hipotekarna Banka

Source: Hipotekarna Banka

Hipotekarna Banka in Montenegro is another bank in the region that implemented a POS terminal, which allows entrepreneurs’ mobile phones to become terminals.

This innovative solution is intended to improve the business of economic entities – small and medium enterprises. The application is easy to use, there are no additional devices other than the one customers already have – their Android devices, mobile phones, or tablets. What makes this application easy and convenient in using is that it was created in cooperation with the companies Mastercard and Visa.


“MojPOS is just another application on an Android device, but it allows you to receive payments by card or mobile wallet, anytime, anywhere. This application will improve business and increase sales to entrepreneurs because payment has never been easier, faster, and more secure. This is another step towards digital transformation, and in the coming period, users can expect more innovative and advanced services from Hipotekarna banka, for mutual benefit and satisfaction” – said Ana Golubović, member of the Board of Directors of Hipotekarna banka.

The application can easily be used by those entrepreneurs who perform the services we all need, such as plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, etc., which customers have so far mostly paid for in cash. This new digital solution for accepting contactless payments with payment cards and telephones will improve the business of the economy and enable an increase in income and will make life easier for citizens.

The MojPOS application is easy to use, all entrepreneurs need is an Android device and they can apply to the bank via the Hipotekarna Banka website. Bank customers who sign up for the MojPOS service will be exempt from monthly fees during the first 6 months of using the application. 

All the users need to download this application is WI-FI internet, mobile Android device v 5.0 or higher, NFC functionality, and access to the Google play store.

The request for installation can be submitted online, namely the downloaded and completed application form must be sent to the email address.


Source: Information by Hipotekarna Banka