The NLB KomBank Organic competition: RSD 2,500,000 for the winners

Source: Komercijalna banka

NLB Banka and Komercijalna banka in Serbia, members of the NLB Group, proposed agricultural producers apply for the 11th NLB KomBank Organic competition. This year they will award the five best projects in organic production and food processing.

Who could apply exactly?

The competition is for agricultural producers who have a registered agrarian holding, are certified, or are in the process of certification for organic production, producers who have a group certificate, and a contract with the production organizer.

All participants could apply from February 10 to April 20, 2022, via e-mail addresses or post.

What should the project contain?

The project should contain the following elements:

  • A short description of the project (name and primary goal of the project);
  • A detailed description of activities on project development, stating the essential and sufficient conditions for implementation;
  • The project implementation costs;
  • The expected results and time frames of realization;
  • A data on the registered agricultural holding.

For agricultural producers: a proof of certification (certificate of organic production) or an agreement with a certification body as proof of the started certification process.

For cooperating producers: a group certificate and an agreement with the production organizer.

When will the winners be announced?

The competition results will be published by the end of May 2022 at the latest.

Why take the opportunity for a healthy future?

The importance of organic production is reflected in obtaining safe food and preserving the environment and plant communities. It contributes to preserving fertile soil, which is necessary for the proper functioning of ecosystems because it purifies water, provides food, preserves genetic resources, and represents the primary living space for almost all terrestrial living beings.

In the previous ten years, 37 healthy ideas were awarded within the ORGANIC competition, thus helping 37 farms to contribute to a healthier future for all of us with their organic production and food processing.


Source: Information by Komercijalnia banka (the last update: April 21, 2022)