The number of entrepreneurs using a POS by ČSOB is increasing

Source: ČSOB

The number of merchants accepting card payments is increasing every year. Almost four thousand entrepreneurs and companies, mainly from the areas of gastronomy or food retail, have already purchased a new POS or payment gateway for cashless payments by ČSOB in the Czech Republic as part of the Czech pays-by-card project. An application that allows customers to receive card payments directly on their mobile is popular now.

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“The shoppers, for whom cashless payments are safe, convenient, and fast, are most happy with the growing number of POS at merchants. But even the entrepreneurs are not shortchanged, because when paying by card, people are not limited by available cash and the service is smoother. People also no longer carry banknotes and coins with them, so merchants do not lose these customers,” – says Tomáš Korbas, Executive Director for International Acquiring at ČSOB.

The Czech pay-by-card project is mainly used by entrepreneurs and smaller companies, but it is also intended for subsidized organizations, municipalities, or authorities. A POS or a payment gateway can be obtained for half a year free of charge and without obligations, i.e. without a monthly flat rate, transaction fee, and, in the case of a payment gateway, also without an implementation fee. “It is gratifying that the vast majority of merchants remain with us even after the six-month period during which they have a free POS and do not pay fees,” – adds Tomáš Korbas.

The merchants can choose from a range of portable, non-portable or self-service terminals. The SoftPOS application, which can be downloaded to a mobile phone with the Android operating system, is popular now. “The service is intended primarily for merchants with low turnover, for whom a standard POS is not worthwhile. It can be, for example, craftsmen, food deliveries, taxis, or food stalls,” – adds Tomáš Korbas.

Another novelty is in the area of e-commerce, where ČSOB has prepared a solution for payment gateways that uses 3D Secure 2.2 for cardholder verification, fully reflecting the requirements of the European PSD2 directive for strong cardholder verification. It includes several innovations, such as support for deferred payment by mallpay or the new NEJsplátka payment method, which will allow customers to compare the conditions of lending companies when choosing a given item in the e-shop.

A total of 23,606 payment terminals and 1,872 payment gateways have already been provided in the Czech pays-by-card project. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has extended the project until March 31st, 2025. Despite the constant increase in the number of POS, the Czech Republic still ranks with the European average in terms of their availability, with roughly 27 devices per thousand inhabitants, according to Mastercard.

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Source: the Bank`s press release dated September 23, 2022