The promotional offer of the business accounts for Ukrainian citizens

Source: PKO Bank Polski

PKO Bank Polski has prepared a promotional offer of business accounts for Ukrainian citizens. They can open a business account that will be free for 12 months from opening. The offer is available to Ukrainian citizens who register their businesses in Poland and those who have already run businesses in Ukraine. The offer is also available to foreign companies operating in Poland.

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“We support Ukrainian citizens who want to run a business in Poland with our free account with additional services. We will accompany them on their business journey in our country with commitment and kindness. In addition to preferential conditions for running a business account, they can also count on our advisors’ help and professional care,” – says Anna Podgórska, Director of Banking Formation of Entrepreneurs and Companies.

For 12 months from the date of opening the account, the business owner will be exempt from fees for:

  • Keeping a company account,
  • Keeping auxiliary accounts,
  • Domestic transfers,
  • Foreign transfers to banks in Ukraine,
  • Deposits and withdrawals at branches of PKO Bank Polski.

The debit card for the account is issued free of charge. The customer is exempt from the monthly fee for using the card if the customer does at least 5 cashless transactions in a given month (otherwise, the price will be PLN 10). The account can be opened at branches of PKO Bank Polski. The promotion lasts until 30/06/2022.

Creating an account is very simple: to open it, a citizen of Ukraine should have an identity document (it can be: a notification of granting a Personal ID Number in Poland (PESEL), a Ukrainian ID card in a plastic version – an internal passport – issued after 2016, a Pole’s Card, an identity document issued by offices of the Republic of Poland, a certificate from the consulate confirming identity) and company registration documents. If the business runs in Poland as a sole proprietorship, nothing more than an identity document is needed.

If a citizen of Ukraine runs a business in Poland in the form of any company, a company agreement will be required to open an account.

In the case of activities carried out in Ukraine, they need a complete set of company registration documents, including extracts from local registers of entrepreneurs and all agreements. A Polish sworn interpreter must translate these documents.

Owners of company accounts can use many services facilitating company management via the iPKO website. They include e-accounting and access to the iPKO dealer online FX Exchange. Companies can order a free payment POS under the Cashless Poland Program. They can also use the assistance of an advisor when filling in applications for various products at a bank branch or the company’s headquarters.

This is another solution available at PKO Bank Polski for Ukrainian citizens. The Bank offers a free personal PKO account without barriers. The Bank also abolished fees for a quick transfer to Kredobank and ordering a foreign transfer to any bank in Ukraine. It also made available the IKO application, which facilitates financial management, in Ukrainian. In addition, in 100 branches of PKO Bank Polski, Ukrainian citizens can exchange up to UAH 10,000 for PLN.


Source: the Bank’s press release dated May 11, 2022