The SoftPos application is available at Santander Bank Polska

Source: Santander Bank Polska

The SoftPos application by Santander Bank in Poland allows its customers to turn their mobile devices into payment terminals. It is a solution for owners of small and medium enterprises. The application is integrated with the Elavon service.

The application that turns a smartphone into a POS was prepared by Polish fintech SoftPos and Elavon.

Source: LinkedIn

“We support entrepreneurs by providing necessary, innovative solutions that will make it easier for them to run a business daily. The application terminal makes accepting payments much more convenient. The costs of such a solution are also lower because the entrepreneur does not have to pay additionally for the lease of the terminal or PIN pad,” says Tomasz Jąder, Director of the SME segment at Santander Bank Polska.

To use this solution, the customers need to have smartphones or tablets that run on Android 8.0 or higher, have Internet access, and have an NFC module. The application is available in the Google Play store. After installing it, the phone works in the same way as a traditional POS. The application allows them to accept contactless payments in any form – by card, watch, or phone.

In this way, the entrepreneurs can always have this POS with themselves and accept payments at a convenient time. The POS application doesn`t require the purchase of any additional devices. It is a good solution for people whose work is related to frequent movement from place to place, e.g. traders, suppliers or couriers, and entrepreneurs who provide their services at the customer’s premises.

Source: LinkedIn

“We use the latest trends, providing customers with innovative payment solutions, and entrepreneurs – tools for the development of their companies, such as a smartphone terminal. SoftPos technology is becoming a new quality in the payment market in Poland and it is more and more popular among users. We are extremely pleased with the successful cooperation with Santander Bank Polska, and we believe that our solution will help the Bank’s customers in implementing their business plans,” says Aleksander Leicht, Head of Banking Alliances Europe at Elavon.

SoftPos has the highest security certificates confirmed by Visa and Mastercard.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated December 12, 2022