The SoftPos contactless payment acceptance system at Credit Agricole

Source: Сredit Agricole Bank Polska

Credit Agricole in Poland is implementing the modern SoftPos contactless payment acceptance system for all its business customers. The solution is provided by the Polish fintech and the Elavon company – the leader in the payment market.

Credit Agricole provides its customers with a method of accepting payments using a mobile application. The Elavon SoftPos application is installed on any device with Android 8.0 or later, and allows customers to make contactless payments for services without the need to use additional devices such as a payment terminal or PIN pad. To handle the sales process, it is enough to have a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The Elavon SoftPos (Software Point of Sale) application can be downloaded from the Google Play online store. Once installed on customers mobile devices, they can use it as the standard payment terminals for accepting contactless transactions. This also applies to transactions requiring a PIN code, carried out with both plastic contactless cards and mobile wallets. Several hundred companies, including the logistics industry, passenger transport, and the catering industry, have already implemented the payment method based on the SoftPos application in Poland. Also, this solution is becoming more and more popular among courier and transport companies.

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«At Credit Agricole, we listen attentively to our customers and know their needs. We know that more and more people prefer to make cashless payments, so entrepreneurs should be ready to accept such settlements. The use of the SoftPos solution makes life easier for companies and their customers. It does not require the installation of additional terminals and the entire infrastructure necessary for data transmission, but it meets all security requirements as well as the requirements set out in applicable regulations» – says Damian Ragan, Vice – President of the Management Board of Credit Agricole.

«It is also worth adding that the use of the SoftPOS solution significantly reduces the costs of current business operations. The monthly fee for using the application is even ten times lower than the fees for renting traditional terminals. Depending on the type of offer, the offer is only PLN 4 or 5. Additionally, customers can use our Business Account, where it is very easy to open a line of loans. I expect our customers to become even more successful in their business ventures thanks to such support» – adds Damian Ragan.

According to Aleksander Leicht, Director of the Banking Channel for Europe at Elavon, economic entities have to come directly to their customers more and more often to meet consumer expectations.

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«Mobility of solutions, including payment solutions, is a key trend observed not only in industries such as courier services, food delivery, personal training, medicine, and car repair shops but in the wider segment of small and medium enterprises. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to be a strategic partner of Credit Agricole, which recognizes such needs, expects innovative solutions, and enriches its offer addressed to smaller enterprises with the SoftPos solution implemented in cooperation with Elavon. We believe that the cooperation between Elavon and Credit Agricole will initiate a new quality of solutions intended for enterprises that have historically accepted cashless payments less frequently and will contribute to the growth of their businesses» – says Aleksander Leicht.

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«We offer a solution, which is a revolution in the payment market, that allows you to resign from purchasing or renting additional equipmentseparate PIN pads, payment terminals, and mobile printers. The possibility of having one device fulfilling several tasks also results in convenience, mobility, and much faster customer service, which is important in almost every industry. The experience so far shows that there is a huge market for our application, and the cooperation between Elavon and Credit Agricole is an important stage that will allow us to reach another group of users» – adds Grzegorz Nowakowski, Founder and Board Member of

Certificates of payment organizations, including Mastercard and VISA, have confirmed the safety of accepting payments by SoftPos. These certificates guarantee that the highest security standards are met with each transaction carried out under this new solution.

«The use of such a solution makes it possible to replace a traditional payment terminal with an application installed on a smartphone. Thanks to this, the store owner or service providers can accept mobile or card contactless payments on their phone, tablet, or other device and does not need a separate POS terminal» – says Kamila Kaliszyk, Market Development Director at the Polish branch of Mastercard Europe.


Source: the Bank’s press release dated March 29, 2022