The Start it @ ČSOB program supports eight technological companies

Source: ČSOB

ČSOB in the Czech Republic has selected another eight innovative companies to provide professional support and help start a business. This year, 71 candidates entered the selection. The successful participants in the accelerator include those who focus on making life easier with modern technologies and digitizing companies.

Source: LinkedIn

“Innovation is a way for us to succeed in a rapidly changing world and offer people the best services. That is why we support startups and help them gain a foothold in the market. The cooperation is also beneficial for us. The startups inspire us and help us to improve the range of digital solutions for our customers. I’m looking forward to eight more interesting projects,” – says Michaela Lhotková, Executive Director for Payment Solutions and Innovation.


Source: LinkedIn

“We continue to support projects that make sense to us. We decided to bet on quality rather than quantity, and we selected eight great projects for the next round of acceleration. In our experience, half of them will be renamed, 20% of them may not end up, and we will hear a lot about one or two of them,” adds Zuzana Paulovics, Leader of Start it @ ČSOB.


Over the last almost four years, the Start it @ ČSOB program has already helped more than 50 startups to find their place in the market and attract influential investors.

The participants of the 9th round of the Start it @ ČSOB accelerator:

  • Fooder – an application for finding the best food and restaurants in the area.
  • Storefront X – a Web browser optimization for e-commerce.
  • E-cafe Bike – the stylish and designed e-bikes.
  • Kindr – an application connecting mothers with children of similar age in their vicinity.
  • ROICruiter – an optimization of recruitment campaigns for HR.
  • Serviceboard – a system for managing access rights to IT systems.
  • Stě – an ensuring moving quickly and easily.
  • 321GoCheck – verification of the credibility of the job candidates and the tenants.

About Start it @ ČSOB

The bank accelerator is unique in that it does not limit the focus and business areas of innovative companies and thus supports those that bring better solutions to customers even in unexpected areas. Within Start it @ ČSOB, companies can use the advice and mentoring of ČSOB experts for five months, as well as the benefits resulting from membership in the prestigious international network of accelerators GAN, which brings together over 10,000 best startups from six continents. Start it @ ČSOB is based on Start it @KBC, the parent company’s project, which is the largest accelerator on the Belgian market. It was also launched in Hungary within the KBC Group.


Source: The Bank`s press release dated May 18, 2022