The start-up incubation program by K&H has started

Source: K&H

The start-up program of the Start it @ K&H incubation program in Hungary, which is available during 6-12 months, proposes professional mentoring, a free office, as well as a strong community network of partnerships.  

This incubation program is available for all Hungarian entrepreneurs who have an innovative idea for a start-up, who just have started to build their own business, who want to provide their business ecologically.

What does the Start it @ K&H incubation program offer?

  • 6 or even 12-month incubation program: at the beginning of the process, mentors help participants set goals, which they review several times during the program and help a team achieve them.
  • Professional Mentoring: an experienced team of mentors is available on-site to provide workshops, professional meetings, and individual mentoring with the help of external experts.
  • Free communal office with a roof terrace overlooking the city: 350 m2, office use equipped with the infrastructure necessary for efficient work.
  • Networking: after joining the program, all participants will get to know alumni start-ups, mentors, experts, and a host of other ecosystem participants and organizations in addition to their current semester teams.
  • Corporate partnerships: the program organizes provide access to the relationship system of one of the strongest players in the Hungarian banking sector.
  • A strong, cohesive community and varied events.

 Who can apply to this incubation program?

  • Every Hungarian entrepreneur who has a team of at least 2 people dedicated to the implementation,
  •  Their idea is marketable, internationally successful, and commercially viable,
  •  Future participants are purposeful and ready to work.


Source: Information by K&H