Türkiye İş Bankası supports the Workup Entrepreneurship Program

Photo by SME Banking Club

The 11th edition of the Workup Entrepreneurship Program, of which Türkiye İş Bankası is the main supporter, has been announced.

Artcomun, Droneqube, Getmobil, Heybooster, Homster, Mobiqu, Pivony, Quin AI, Ratic, and WeRover initiatives operating in different fields from art to logistics, from customer experience to artificial intelligence platforms, from real estate design to marketing technologies, from sustainable energy to gaming are participating in the new edition.

The 10th edition of the program was completed with the Demo Day event held in January. The program will continue with a hybrid working order. So, entrepreneurs, mentors, and the organizing team will also meet physically from time to time.

The six-month program helps startups accelerate

The entrepreneurs will meet with expert mentors, Bank affiliates, and ecosystem representatives for six months.

The initiatives that will be included in the program are determined by the evaluations of the Workup team after their presentations.

After they are accepted to the program, the current status of the startups and the points they need support from are determined through one-on-one interviews. A personalized program is prepared for startups in line with their needs, by making appropriate matching and referrals.

All-round support, from collaboration and mentoring to access to investment opportunities

The program offers support packages such as mentorship from experts in their fields, training in areas that startups will need, and free cloud and server usage rights. In this process, startups are also provided with opportunities to access cooperation and investment opportunities, especially with İşbank Group affiliates, the right to participate in domestic and international physical and online events, and the opportunity to promote themselves in printed and digital media.

Ten startups were selected for the 11th edition of the Workup Entrepreneurship Program:

Artcomun: A marketplace that offers users the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of artists on the digital platform, and for artists to exhibit their works for free and build their brands.

Droneqube: A robotic UAV station technology initiative that performs battery replacement and pesticide filling so that agricultural UAVs can perform autonomous spraying.

Getmobil: A platform that facilitates the renewal processes of electronic devices such as mobile phones and provides advantages such as door-to-door delivery and instant payment in purchase-sale processes.

Heybooster: Artificial intelligence-based software that analyzes key performance metrics and digital marketing data of e-commerce companies and turns them into action-oriented business plans.

Homster: An artificial intelligence-supported virtual platform that enables users to make informed and safe purchasing decisions by digitally designing their homes according to their tastes.

Mobiqu: A new generation delivery box initiative that improves delivery services by making them smarter and digital with the Smart Box model.

Pivony: A platform that allows companies to easily and quickly create insights by analyzing customer statements and comments in internal and external data sources with artificial intelligence technology.

Quin AI: An artificial intelligence platform that provides personalized service by analyzing the purchasing trends and behaviors of e-commerce platform visitors with a real-time forecasting method.

Ratic: An initiative that accelerates and facilitates the integration of global game assets and features that can be used in multiple games with a super application approach, aiming to integrate game assets with the financial world.

Werover: An initiative that offers artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotic solutions with a focus on 24/7 monitoring and preventive maintenance for the health of renewable energy assets in hydro and wind power plants.


Source: the Bank`s press release dated March 17, 2023