Turning a phone into a POS with ING SoftPOS by ING Bank Romania

Source: ING Bank

ING SoftPOS is an application by ING Bank Romania, which is available for Android phones and allows customers to accept contactless payments made with their cards, phones, or any other type of cardholders with an NFC reader. No matter what business entrepreneurs do, they can offer their customers to pay by card in a fast, easy, and safe way with a help of their phones.

ING Soft Post is a modern solution for those who value innovation. This application proposes its customers the same services as the usual POS, but, in addition, it also offers a much wider range of proposals.

Among them are:

  • an opportunity to read contactless cards and other NFC payment devices by bank`s customers,
  • this application accept VISA, as well as Mastercard,
  • ING SoftPOS has sales and payment cancellation functions,
  • entrepreneurs can send the receipt via QR code (read by the buyer’s phone) or e-mail,
  • this application allows transactions of any value with PIN authentication,
  • it also allows transactions in RON or EUR,
  • ING SoftPOS gives the company total control over transactions and users through the SoftPOS Portal.

Moreover, for all entrepreneurs interested in this service, ING Bank Romania has left a contact form on the site.


Source: Information by ING Bank Romania