UniCredit Bank participates in the SME Invest and the AGRO SME Invest

Source: UniCredit Group

UniCredit Bank in Romania received from the Ministry of Finance an allocation of RON 1.26 billion related to the loan guarantee ceiling for small and medium enterprises and small enterprises with medium market capitalization through the SME Invest Romania program and the AGRO SME Invest sub-program, edition 2022.

By participating for the third consecutive year in this program, UniCredit Bank offers support to a wide range of Romanian companies through an optimal mix between its funds and state guarantees to finance the real economy and increase its degree of resilience in the current context.

The Romanian state, through the Ministry of Finance, represented by the National Credit Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises and, more recently, through the IFN SA Rural Credit Guarantee, guarantees 80%, respectively 90% of the value of loans granted for the financing of SMEs, depending on the category in which the beneficiary of the program falls.

In the 2022 program`s edition, UniCredit Bank pays special attention to the AGRO SME Invest sub-program, which supports eligible enterprises in the field of agriculture, fishing, aquaculture, and the food sector. The validity of the state aid scheme related to the Temporary Framework for state aid measures to support the economy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic is until June 30, 2022, so UniCredit Bank encourages eligible customers to access the range of benefits of the program, allocating all the resources needed to provide customers with the appropriate solutions.

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Antoaneta Curteanu, Executive Vice President of the Retail Division at UniCredit Bank: “Through the wide range of financial instruments that UniCredit Bank offers to its SME customers, we aim to respond to the need to strengthen the local business environment in the face of adversity and to contribute directly to increasing the degree of resilience of the Romanian economy. The continuation of the government program allows us to support them in many sectors of activity through guaranteed loan facilities. We encourage eligible company customers to access the benefits of the SME Invest and AGRO SME Invest Romania programs during this period, given that the validity of the state aid scheme is until June 30, 2022” – said Antoaneta Curteanu, Executive Vice President of Retail Division at UniCredit Bank.


Source: Bank`s press release from March 21, 2022