Why no-code solutions?

Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik

Today (February 23, 2023), I hosted our joint webinar with Optingo and Creatio, which are specialized in no-code solutions, particularly CRM. Why did we decide to discuss the topic of no-code solutions? Why no-code? Can we consider them reliable solutions? And is it possible to create no-code software for banks (not for micro e-shops)?

No code means building software with a mouse. How is that possible? No-code tools provide a visual interface and pre-built components and with a move of a mouse, drag and drop technique, you can build software or automate the processes.

What are the benefits of using it?

I see two main reasons:

  • First of all, it fastens the implementation of digital products and processes. No-code development can play a critical role to accelerate digital transformation, in the banking sector as well. We all know how important is time-to-market of a new product, especially a digital one. And no-code solutions allow launching and customizing the solutions fast.
  • Secondly, the demand for digital solutions is growing drastically, and IT delivery capacity is limited. We all know that there is a scarcity in the market of digital talents (we talked about that in detail during one of our latest webinars). Wojciech Wojnar (Optingo) during the webinar mentioned that globally 25 million developers were available on the market, and 500 million application was to be developed during the next few years. It looks unreal. Of course, the number of IT engineers on the market, and the number of applications to be developed, just do not match.

That’s why no-code solutions look like a way out, letting include not techy people in the process of automation. They might be much more effective in the automation of business processes (because they know them perfectly from a business point of view) and can create digital processes by themselves in a no-code environment. Maybe this is the future? Surely, it is worth considering using such solutions in the bank.

During the webinar, Mike Hryshchenko (Creatio) gave an overview of the no-code CRM platform, which you’re welcome to watch in that video: