BT Store – a platform for SME customers by Banca Transilvania


In Romania, Banca Transilvania launched, a platform for SME customers called BT Store, offering non-financial services for SMEs, delivered by different providers, that aim to streamline their businesses. Bank’s SME customers benefit from discounts for applications and services, provided in the platform, in collaboration with different partners.

All the solutions are oriented to maximize the value of SMEs business in financial advisory, HR consulting, e-commerce, cash-flow management, and the steps that the entrepreneur needs to take to start their business. The end purpose is to become an online hub with digital solutions for Romanian entrepreneurs.

At the moment, Banca Transilvania collaborates with 15 Romanian partners, offering solutions like digital signature, e-shop, cash management tools, etc. The partners are:

  • Smart Bill
  • Blugento
  • eJobs
  • Rețeaua Privată de Sănătate Regina Maria
  • Ebriza
  • ThinkOut
  • Calendis Business
  • REGnet
  • DocAv
  • iFactor
  • IT Hit
  • ro
  • CFO App
  • PrimeDash
  • Namirial

The last two partners that came in the BT Store family are represented by Prime Dash, a very promising fintech in financial decision processes and everything related to a company’s financial health and statement; and Namirial, one of the European market leaders for digital signature services.

More than 300.000 Bank’s SME customers have access to the platform and may benefit from the packages presented, and over 1000 entrepreneurs actively use the services/products in the BT Store at the moment. These are good numbers for the Banks, as the entire BT team was focused on identifying the first partners that could fit the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem’s real needs and, at the same time, to continue to adapt the concept of entrepreneurs’ dynamic behavior.

Bank’s SME customers can filter multiple solutions through the multi-select option, and also can compare products.

At the moment, the solutions in the BT Store are stand-alone, they are not integrated with online solutions of the Bank like Online or Mobile banking. But the solutions and partners integrated here can complement each other to cover 360° the needs of the entrepreneur.

In order to have access to the platform, the entrepreneur needs to have a business account with the Bank. By using BT’s client data customer logs in to the platform.